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StubHub Price Analyzer

Analyze tickets for different StubHub events and outputs the lowest price, average of 1,2,...
Ab $340.00

StubHub Advanced Inventory Tic...

Monitor StubHub events to notify you when any ticket similar to your inventory tickets are...
$990.00 $790.00

StubHub.com Tickets (PDF) Down...

Automatically downloads PDF tickets from StubHub purchased orders list for given accounts
Ab $450.00

StubHub Shipped Orders Grabber

Grabs shipped orders list from the StubHub account
Ab $160.00

StubHub Active Listings Grabbe...

Grabs all of your active listings from your StubHub account and saves it in CSV
Ab $120.00

StubHub Upcoming Events Grabbe...

Grabs upcoming events from StubHub website
Ab $180.00