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Ticketmaster Accounts Queue Position Checker

Records Queue Position for the list of account on an specified event.
Website: TicketMaster.com

What exactly this software does?

Ticketmaster Accounts Queue Joiner records the initial queue position of the list of accounts on an speicified event and stores the account information with its respective queue position in a csv file. The software takes the list of accounts and a queue event link. The software then runs through every account and joins the queue for the ticketmaster event that you provided. As soon as the queue position arrives, the software records the queue position for the accounts for your specified event.

Bots specifications
Website http://www.ticketmaster.com
Bot Type Spinner & Drop Checker
Works on Onsale only
Proxies Support Yes
Multiple Accounts Support Yes
Multi-threaded Yes
Enhanced Winsock Technology Yes
Advanced PP® Technology to process requests faster v9.5
Easy to use layout Yes
CAPTCHA Bypasser Yes - Integrated
Instant Download! Yes
PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
No. of Licenses 2+ 3+
Price $2,700.00 $2,500.00