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Ticketmaster One to TicketNetwork Tickets Seller

The software scrapes the listings from your TicketMasterOne Account and posts them on your given TicketNetwork Account with a margin on prices.

What exactly this software does?

Ticketmaster One to TicketNetwork listing poster is designed to scrape listings from your one.ticketmaster.com account and posts them on your TicketNetwork account for selling the same inventory with a profit margin. The software allows you to set specific markup on Ticketmaster One listings before posting on your TicketNetwork Account Listings. The software updates your TicketNetwork inventories as soon as the Ticketmaster One listings change. The software maintains a process log that explains the details about your listings. The software also maintains inventories that are posted on your TicketNetwork Account in CSV. Does several days of work in few minutes just with a click.

Especificações do produto
Website http://www.ticketnetwork.com
Website http://one.ticketmaster.com
Proxies Support Yes - Multi threaded
Multi-threaded Yes
Enhanced Winsock Technology Yes
Easy to use layout Yes
Instant Download! Yes
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Quantidade 2+ 3+
Preço $7,000.00 $6,300.00