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StubHub Tickets Seller & Editor

(Works with TicketNetwork format as well)

Website: http://www.StubHub.com


Bot Type: Auto Tickets Seller & Editor


What exactly this software does?

The software allows you to load the list of tickets information. You can also load tickets information gathered using TicketMaster Tickets Downloader. To get much better idea on how things work, please take a look at the screenshot of the bot. The software can be customized to meet your exact needs as well. You can either list the tickets or edit the tickets by providing information in the CSV. The software will automatically login to your account and list/edit the tickets for you.

How exactly it works?

The software automatically logs into your account and list or edit ticket that have been provided by you at your price. You can also specify other details for tickets including In Hand Date, Delivery option, Splits, Section, Row etc from within the CSV file.




$680.95 - $570 only.







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