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MLB Tickets (PDF) Downloader


Website: https://*.tickets.com/buy/MLBEventInfo?agency=...


Bot Type: Auto Tickets Downloader


New Exciting Features!

Convert HTML pages of tickets into PDF

Download tickets from the given URLs

Extract information from tickets and save it in CSV

Robust speed!

Proxies feature in case when IP gets blocked


Additional Features!

Enhanced Winsock Technology

Advanced PP Technology to process requests faster

Easy to use layout

Multi-threaded, can search for multiple tickets at once

Instant Download!

CAPTCHA Bypasser Integrated


What exactly this software does?

The software allows you to load your MLB Tickets URL, it then downloads those tickets, extract useful information from them and convert them into PDF. The software can be customized to meet your exact needs as well.

How exactly it works?

It automatically downloads all the tickets from the given URLs, extract useful information from them and then convert them into PDF so you can ship them easily.



Main Screen


$495.95 - $340 only.







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