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EVENTIM.co.uk Spinner Bot (Works on Presales as well)


Website: http://www.EVENTIM.co.uk


Bot Type: Tickets Spinner/Tickets Purchaser/Tickets Drop Checker


What exactly this software does?

The software allows you to reserve multiple tickets from multiple threads and from multiple events with just a click of a mouse and then allow you to buy the BEST ones with one more click. The bot can be customized to meet your exact needs as well.


New Exciting Features!

Works on Presales

Grabs tickets and hold for you instantly as soon as they get dropped

Scheduler: To start searching for tickets at a given time.

Grabs only particular tickets having specified section and/or row

Notify you via email/sms/sound when tickets are found

Option to direct all threads to the event that dropped tickets

Robust speed!

Multiple Proxies for different threads


Additional Features!

Enhanced Winsock Technology

Advanced PP Technology to process requests faster

Easy to use layout

Multi-threaded, can search for multiple tickets at once

Instant Download!

CAPTCHA Bypasser Integrated


How exactly it works?

The bot grabs hundreds of tickets for multiple event simultaneously and let you choose cream tickets from them.



Main Screen

Tickets Management

Tickets Filters

Tickets Selection Details



$1250 - $950 only.







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